Weekend, what are you playing?

badudert match

It’s the last weekend of January and I hope everybody had a good first month in this new year. But enough about that, what are you playing?

Migoy: Got my arcade stick replaced because it had a faulty Home/Connect button and got a 2nd stick too. The afternoon that ensued was filled with some Capcom fighting game action. Namely Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, and Super street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition. I’m planning on playing more of Saints Row: The Third too and maybe try out some new demos that I just downloaded.


Quash: When friday night hit, I was bored and turned on Terraria to play around with it. I didn't think I'd get addicted but it happened. The next day, all I did was play Terraria. It's loads of fun and playing it blind without wiki help makes the game even better.

Terraria is pretty much Minecraft but in a 2D plane. it's an indie RPG game with the ability to shape the world around you. Exploring this world, crafting different things, and even building your very own home to have NPC's to move in can leave you invested for hours. I had my first taste of a boss in Terraria and it was not easy. After celebrating my victory over the Eater of Worlds, all of a sudden my house was attacked by an army of goblins. Not a couple, an army! I defended it the best I could but none of my NPC's survived. I was left speechless but thankfully my home repopulated itself slowly.

I'm loving it so far. I bought the game when it was on sale. $2 bucks for this awesome game was just too good to be true. It's original price is $15 but with how great this indie game is, it's still worth that much.