M. Bison and Xiaoyu confirmed for Street Fighter x Tekken

Bison Xiaoyu The evil mastermind behind Shadaloo and the Chinese girl who speaks fluent Japanese are going to be in the Capcom Namco crossover fighting game, Street Fighter x Tekken.

I saw this screenshot on my Facebook timeline from Gametrailers.com's Facebook page. Funny Bison and Xiaoyu aren't even the characters on screen, instead we got Dr. Wily~ I mean old man Heihachi giving Dhalsim a huge elbow to the face. Dhalsim looks to be in a lot of pain.

Above the life bar HUD you can see the character icons. We got Xiaoyu with Heihachi and M. Bison with Dhalsim in a standard Tekken vs Street Fighter round.

Source [Gametrailers.com Facebook]