Holiday weekend, what are you playing

New Year 2012 Happy new year, everyone! Hope you all had a great new year with your friends and families. 2011 has been an awesome year for video games and after all the major releases for the holiday season I bet the gaming backlog is a little large especially with everyone being busy with there being two holiday weekends in a row. Were any of you able to get some game time in this weekend? If the answer is 'yes' then what are you playing?

Migoy: Tried to get some Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 online game time in but my net was being wonky during the morning of New Year's eve. Doing a lot of the story mode in Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact on the PSP. Playing it on Phats at the moment. I'd like to play it on the PSP3000 and broadcast some of it but the analogstick on that has yet to be replaced so I can't really play on it because Naruto would then just run down the whole time.

Quash: Haven't played a single video game when 2012 hit, but planning to do so in a bit. Before I left I was able to do some Dungeon Defenders and a game of Dota 2. I'm going to do a little experiment of recording how many hours I spend  playing video games in one year. If you notice on the side, there is now a 2012 game time stats added. I'll be updating that everyday, check out on the about us page for more info to why I'm doing it. Happy New Year everyone! Hope 2012 comes out as an awesome year for all of us.