Weekend, what are you playing?

December is upon us and we’ve only got a month before the New Year. So for the first weekend of December, what are you playing?

Migoy: Got some UMvC3 matches in with my cousin which was fun. Seriously, we are just learning the moves of characters as we go. I also downloaded more PS3 demos so I tried some of those out. No Skyward Sword action since the last weekend but the Wii did get some love. Played a bit of Naruto Shippuden: Gekitou Ninja Taisen Special. The new kawarimi meter is a great addition as opposed to the old system of using up charka to do the substitution technique. I’ve looked up a guide on how to unlock the other characters and it seems pretty simple unlike in the older games where you had to do some bogus missions in order to unlock stuff and since I can’t read Japanese it was a bit of a bitch to pull off.

Arlie: Something bad happened to my PS3 while playing Skyrim a while ago. I was cleaning up trophies, doing the last one (Master Criminal - Have 1000 bounty on each of all 9 holds) when my game suddenly froze instead of giving the trophy. When I restarted my PS3, it began to scan my HDD for possible corruption and attempted to restore. All was fine until I checked my Skyrim trophies, they're all gone! I went online to refresh my trophy list, and I recovered it all except the ones that were still unsynced. That's 7 trophies total including the  last one and the platinum that didn't pop, I was able to recover 3 trophies because they were easy to get. The problem is the other 3 which are quest related trophies, the trophies I got from doing the Dark Brotherhood quest line which involves a lot of sneaking and stealth kills. I was planning to sell my PS3 copy of Skyrim after getting the platinum trophy to get a PC copy for my 2nd playthrough. OH WELL.