DC Universe Online going free to play very very soon

DC Universe Online Free to Play Sony Entertainment Online announced last month that DC Universe Online is going Free to Play for PC and PS3, now they reveal that this will take effect on November 1. If your planning to give DC Universe a chance, this is the perfect time and it's only a week away. 

Free players will have access to Metropolis, Gotham, and all raid and alerts. There are restrictions though like inventory space, money limit etc, and must pay to get more space or certain features. If you already spend around $5 on your account, you will be upgraded to  a premium account that lessens certain restrictions. Legendary status is pretty much the same old $15 monthly payment that takes out all restrictions. For PS3 players, it's a good thing....sorta. Like myself, I'm stuck with DC Universe Online and cannot sell it. In order for me to make this PS3 title usable, I'll have to cough up 15 bucks. With the Free to Play model, at least it isn't a dead CD in my list of games. Having the option to play the game anytime is better than nothing.

This whole idea of going Free to Play is looking to be every MMO's last resort in order to stay alive. Not certain if DC Universe Online was in a bad state, but going Free to Play is a good indication, especially before announcing this change, they announced reducing servers to only four left.