Street Fighter X Tekken TGS 2011 trailer that would blow your mind

A new trailer for Street Fighter X Tekken has emerged from this year's TGS(Tokyo Game Show), and compared to the other video that was released prior to the start of TGS, this one reveals four new characters and a couple of new game modes for Street Fighter X Tekken.

The four new characters are Rolento and Zangief for Street Fighter and Heihachi and Lili for Tekken. They actually mention a story for Street Fighter this time around and reveal a couple of new modes like 2 on 2 duel battles, Scramble Mode(which is just CHAOS), plus an online training mode so you can practice with a friend while waiting for fight requests.

They also started talking about Pandora, which makes you sacrifice your partner to give your other character a boost and look badass(Akuma style). The story of Street Fighter X Tekken also revolves around this Pandora device which i'm guessing they will start talking about in the future. Take a lot at the trailer below.