Weekend, what are you playing?

It's PAX weekend! But for those of you who are at home, what are you playing?

Migoy: Rainy weekend and I got no money so I'm stuck here at home. Played some Rockband Unplugged and K-On! on my PSP. Also played some Gundam SEED: Rengou vs. Z.A.F.T. II Plus just to test it out as I'm lending my copy to a friend.


Arlie: I finally finished my first play through of Mass Effect 2 with the default male Shepard. I survived the suicide mission with all my teammates alive, though all of the Normandy crew perished. I'm gonna start my female Shepard in Insanity difficulty on my next play through to prepare my import save for Mass Effect 3, and to get the Platinum trophy. I haven't touched my copy of Demon's Souls yet, so I might give it a go next. Is this game really that difficult?

Quash: Been busy lately so was able to play just a bit this weekend. Played Starcraft 2 and worked on my 1v1 ladder(i suck now). Also played some League of Legends with some friends for fun. Playing a Dota-like game brings back memories, also reminds me why I stopped playing games like this. I'm just waiting for Dead Island really, which is coming out on Sept 6. Hopefully it comes out on time. Want some zombie rpg madness!