Risen 2 trailer shows us a fantasy RPG with pirates!

Remember Risen? that Fantasy RPG developed by the makers of the Gothic series?? maybe not but I do, since I actually bought and finished the game back in 2009. It wasn't the best RPG out there at the time, that's why I'm a bit shocked over the news with Risen 2: Dark Waters. They just released a gameplay teaser trailer and it shows a fantasy RPG with a pirate theme? well that's new.


Interesting setting, at the same time the graphics is a huge improvement from the first game. The trailer is made entirely of in-game footage. If you know the Gothic series and actually played the first game, you'll have an idea on how this game will play out. This trailer is in preparation for Risen 2's appearance in Gamescom, so we'll get more info about this RPG when Gamescom concludes.

If you want to grab more info about Risen 2: Dark Waters now, head over their official website.