Original Crysis confirmed for Xbox 360

NOT the official box art

The first Crysis game was released late 2007 exclusively for Windows only. But apparently the South Korean Game Rating Board recently approved a rating of the game for the Xbox 360. EA Korea confirmed the news and they added that the release date of the Xbox 360 version is TBA.


Wonjemyeong CRYSIS
Hangul expulsion CRYSIS (Crysis) _Xbox360
Sincheongsa Electronic Arts, Korea (Yes)
Date of Classification 2011-07-01
Classification Number CC-NV-110701-001
Determining grades Rated M
Sincheongsa Address ASEM Tower 13th Floor Samsung-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Phone number 02-3018-8731
Representatives Hansujeong
Nationality USA
Genre FPS [1 Person Shooter]