RGP # 20 - Mega Man Zero

Random Gaming Post # 20

With my Mega Man craze going on right now, I was reminded of a certain series that was particularly awesome back in the GameBoy Advance era.

Mega Man Zero was one of my favorite Mega Man series'. They gameplay felt fresh yet familiar, the character art captured me, and the story, for what it's worth, isn't that bad though I admit a little strange.

This brought me to one of my favorite moments from the MMZ series. MMZ3 in particular touched my heart due to one boss battle. The final battle of the game between you and Omega. Not just Omega but his true form.

Spoiler alert, if you have not played the MMZ games and are planning to, stop reading this right now. Where was I, ah yes. The final encounter battle between you and Omega's real form. The original Zero body. Now of course final boss battles are usually against these giant hulking masses of robot in Mega Man games and you could also say in almost every other game. But it's these one on one boss fights that I like. Fighting against someone your own size makes it feel like you are on equal grounds and it's up to your skill to defeat the opponent.

Aside from the over all coolness of the twist and nature of the boss battle, the music is what made it win overall. Sometimes having a piano tune carry the song instead of the overlly rock n roll filled MMX/MMZ OSTs carry just makes it feel classy. And as I said, given the twist and nature of the battle, it just... fits

Don't have a GBA you say? Don't worry, Mega Man Zero Collection is available on the Nintendo DS. It contains all 4 MMZ games and can be played the way it was intended or in a way that helps you power through the game without the grinds.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GUBE4PbHFvo&w=425&h=349]