First look at Battlefield 3 on console

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon is tapping the gaming community yet again by showing us an exclusive demo of Battlefield 3 running on the PS3. This is the first time they showed Battlefield 3 running on a console and the difference is very minimal. The gameplay shown is nothing new, it's actually the start of the fault line trailer shown back when it was officially announced.

PS3 debut


PC faultline gameplay trailer


I looked back at the PC version to do some comparisons, and The difference is very small. Shadows in the PC version seems to be more realistic while the PS3 version looked too sharp. The building where the first RPG was fired was also changed in the PS3 version. The changes might be from a new build of the game, we don't know. But from what I'm seeing, the game will look amazing  in each platform.

Jimmy Fallon bringing games to his show are awesome and all, but it's obvious he doesn't know a thing or two on how to play. I still remember that silly performance from Fallon when they revealed Uncharted 3's gameplay in his show. He even said he loved the second but from how he played, he obviously never touched Uncharted 2 or even 1 i bet. If he was an actual gamer it would have been cool but hey, at least the games are getting some air time.

Battlefield will be out on October 25, 2011 on PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.