Dead Island Gameplay

Deep Silver has finally revealed gameplay footage of Dead Island. Brand Manager Vincent Krummer gives us an in-depth look on how this FPS open world survival horror will work out and it's looking pretty good since this can be experience with 3 other players. This reminds me of Borderlands since it's an FPS with RPG elements for character development plus it's 4 player co-op.


I like the fact that Guns will be rare in Dead Island. Not only does it makes sense, it looks more challenging to take down a horde of zombies up close. It also gives Dead Island its own identity. If guns were the main focus, I'd rather stick with Left4Dead. Having more focus on melee weapons help a great deal in weapon customization and I'm curious on how many types of weapons you can create. Dead Rising had an amazing list of unique melee weapons and hopefully they looked at that game for reference.

The graphics look great but the gameplay still seems a little bit clunky. Their still aiming for a 2011 release so they have plenty of time to polish the game. It will be out on Playstation 3, PC and Xbox 360.

I'm always game for some 4 player co-op, especially if it's a free roam zombie game. How did the gameplay look for you? excited to break some zombie heads?