Review: Singularity

What would you get when you combine some elements of Bioshock, F.E.A.R., and Dead Space, and then mixing it with a little bit of originality? You get Singularity, an FPS made by Raven Software and published under Activision. Singularity doesn’t have a spectacular story line, a couple of twist here and there, but it does have the Time Manipulation Device or TMD which makes it unique, enjoyable, and totally worth your time.

General Information

Developer: Raven Software Publisher: Activision Platform: PC, Xbox, 360, Playstation 3 Genre: First-Person Shooter Release: June 29, 2010 Rating: ESRB-M


In the year 1950, on the island of Katorga 12, the Russians discovered a rare element E-99. However, the E-99 was very volatile and caused a mysterious catastrophe killing everyone in the island and contaminating the island itself. As years go by, the Katorga 12 was forgotten until 2010.

In 2010, the Americans discovered unusual readings off Katorga 12. Fearing another repeat of the incident, the US dispatches a black-ops team to recon the island. As the team approaches the island, an EMP blast crashes the chopper on the island and leaves the team facing the after effects of element E-99 and warping between 1950's and 2010.


Singularity has a lot of special features; however, the main attraction that this game has to offer is the Time Manipulation Device or simply “TMD.” The TMD is a device that allows the player to reconstruct or destroy certain objects, quickly age enemies, and create a barrier to slow enemies down. You can find several upgrade spots so you could unlock the potential of the TMD.

Along with the TMD, you will also be using a variety of weapons ranging from Centurion Revolver to Seeker Special Purpose Rifle(since the name is a mouthful I dub it the SSP Rifle). The common weapons can be upgraded while the special weapons can't be upgraded nor stored. The best common weapons to upgrade is the AR9 Valkyrie (Assault Rifle) because ammo can be found almost everywhere and its an assault rifle, and the Auto-cannon (Chain Gun) for the simple reason that it is a CHAIN GUN. On the other hand, the best special weapon is the SSP Rifle because you can control the direction of the bullet (a really cool gun).

The proper combination of the TMD and weapons will be the key in surviving this game because the enemies are tough (my difficulty setting is set to hard). A good TMD and weapon combination is when you age a human turning him into a monster which would kill anyone, a good tactic if you are surrounded and has little ammo. Another good trick is to use the barrier that will slow down enemies so you could just pick them off. Be very careful though, some enemies can instantaneously move from one place to another which can be a bit of a hassle but also maintains the balance of the game.

The controls are your regular first person shooter with the addition of the TMD skills. You don't have to access a menu to use the TMD skills, to activate them you just have to press a series of combination and viola the skill is activated. Graphics wise, the game is good with a couple of glitches here and there but its tolerable.


The start of the game was kind of slow though but the pace went up when I got the TMD. Sometimes the enemies can be also frustrating because they can pop out from anywhere especially the little spiders that explodes. The game was also designed so that you would not be able to max out all weapons and TMD skills making it balanced. However, with the proper TMD usage and FPS skills, the game can be a breeze.

Over all the game is enjoyable, it is indeed a combination of Bioshock, F.E.A.R., and Dead Space. Although I have to admit the game is in no where near the level of the three, I would still give this game a thumbs up because the developers were able to spice things up and make them interesting.

Score: 80/100

Pros -Its a mix of all the successful shooter game concepts -The TMD is a nice touch -Shows the possible effect of time travel

Cons -A little graphic glitch here and there but no big deal

-Slow start