The Scribblenauts 3rd Person Shooter

Remember that post I did before on blogspot about the 5th Cell, the Scribblenaut guys, working on a 3rd person shooter for Xbox Live Arcade? Well this past GDC they finally revealed what that game isand its called Hybrid.

From a glance it just looks like a regular 3rd person shooter with not so crisp graphics and such, here's the catch, there will be no free movement. Yes, you can't run around and shoot dudes like you would in any 3rd person shooter. Sound weird? I can't blame you. Now I said that there is no free movement but there is movement. It is essentially like a tactics game that you can only move from cover point to cover point. The player is given a button to retreat, buttons to move around in cover, and the ability to free aim while in cover or during transit. Players also have the ability to select different cover to run to while in transit. Throw in a small squad assist mechanic and online play and you have yourself a game just as unique and quirky as Scribblenauts was.

When I first heard that there will be no free movement I was dumbfounded with a huge "WTF" look on my face. Then I heard that movement is limited to cover points and suddenly a whole new ball game is set. Most people would say that i