Free Realms heading to PSN

Sony Entertainment Online's free-to-play MMO called Free Realms was first released in 2009 and is finally heading to the Playstation 3...well to PSN to be exact. from the looks of it, This casual Free MMO is nothing like World of Warcraft or Guild Wars as It tries to attract a younger crowd.

When Free Realms was first announced, they were planning a PC and PS3 release but delayed the PS3 version for almost 2 years now. All of a sudden they decide it's time to release it. Hey a free game for your console is never a bad thing. This casual game has exploration, fighting monsters, mini games like cart racing, soccer matches, ship battles, flash-based mini-games and more. Sounds fun but maybe because it's free.

Free Realms isn't that far away, you can start downloading the MMO on March 29, 2011 on PSN.

See the full post in the Playstation blog for the official announcement from lead designer Stephen Bokkes.