New Crysis 2 trailer to get you hyped

Crysis 2 is almost out the door and Crytek released a trailer called "Be Fast". So many FPS games coming out but a few more won't hurt.

The sequel will be set in New York City in the year 2023 and the aliens are back wrecking havoc. Just like the first game, you will have abilities from the Nanosuit 2. The suit will make you stronger faster and become invisible, making you the one man army against the Alien invasion. And this trailer gives you an idea on what being fast means in Crysis 2.



Plus! just like any new First Person Shooters this generation, Crysis 2 also has a Multiplayer. Does it look good? check out this video if your interested.




Crysis 2 will be released on march 22, 2011 on Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC.