SSF4 Arcade Edition Receives Classification from UK Ratings Board

The BBFC(British Board of Film Classification) has spilled the beans on the release of SSF4 Arcade Edition in consoles. the BBFC listing mentions anime animator Jiro Kanai as Director, meaning Arcade Edition will have new Intro and outro movies.

it seems the new Intro and Outro movies have passed with no cuts made by BBFC.

So yea, it look like the console version will be coming out soon. AE will be adding playable characters Yun and Yang from Street Fighter III plus Evil Ryu and Oni as secret bosses. The gameplay changes of AE will also be implemented.

the BBFC also lists Arcade Editon to be released on June 24, 2011

No one was certain if capcom would release the AE to consoles be it DLC or disc-based. If it's going tobe another disc-based release there's a possibility that they would add more extra feature that would make it worth the buy. I was hoping this would be DLC instead but we will know for sure when Capcom officially unveils the console version.

What would you guys prefer?? Disc-based released similar to SSF4 or DLC instead to be implemented on our SSF4 copies??{