E3 2013: Final Fantasy XV Battle gameplay first look

Final_Fantasy_XV_-_Cast Final Fantasy Versus 13 converted to Final Fantasy XV seemed likely when Square announced last Feb that they have something to show at E3. The game, just like any Final Fantasy game that came before it, always look amazing, but what about the gameplay? Here's another trailer released that gives us a good look at what looks like an action-oriented Final Fantasy.

It's obvious in this video that it won't be the Final Fantasy most people are familiar with, but this series has always been about redefining itself with each title. XV won't be any different and at this point I'll keep my mind open to what they plan for this new entry, because It would feel great to finally play a great Final Fantasy game again.

Thanks to Destructoid, they have more facts about this title:

  • Final Fantasy Versus XIII is now Final Fantasy XV
  • Final Fantasy XV will come to both the PS4 and Xbox One
  • Crown Prince Noctis is the protagonist
  • Noctis and his friends were cast out of their home, the Kingdom of Lucis
  • Final Fantasy XV features real-time combat
  • Date is TBD