E3 2013: New Super Luigi U Trailer

new_luigi_u_01Luigi gets another stand alone game for himself, sorta. New Super Luigi U is basically New Super Mario Bros. U without Mario. Luigi embarks on his own adventure without his brother Mario to save.. I don't know. Daisy, hopefully. Before you write this off as "another easy cop out by Nintendo", the trailer is less than 2 minutes long so give it a gander.

new_luigi_u_02This game still has support of up to 4 players, but who takes that extra spot if Mario's not in it? A character called Nabbit fills in the spot. I got a genuine laugh when I saw the Nabbit gameplay. He runs past enemies and steals powers up which he trades for 1-Ups if he reaches the end of the stage. What's worse than picking up other players or jumping on them in New Super Mario Bros. U? Being the resident asshole and stealing their power ups to trade for extra lives for you. And that is just hilarious.

new_luigi_u_03What interest me is that the game will be available digitally on the Nintendo eShop next week (June 20th) for $19.99 and available as a disc copy on August 25th for $29.99 with it's own unique green case. Now the green case is cool and all but will this trend of digital releases being cheaper carry on to other titles? I sure hope so.