Watch A Player Solo Destiny 2's First Nightfall Strike

The game just came out last week and we already have someone tackling one of the hardest content Destiny 2 has to offer solo and succeeding. 

For those unfamiliar, Nightfall is a weekly Strike Mission that are considered one of the hardest activities to do in Destiny 2. This week's Nightfall is The Arms Dealer Strike Mission. There's only one available each week and there's even a requirement of having your gear Power score to at least 240 in order to join. A full party is recommended to take on the task but Estorickk wanted to work alone. 

The whole run was less than 20 minutes and he played his level 20 Titan Striker with a Power Level of 295. With regards to his loadout, he brought these: 

Kinetic: Nameless Midnight scout Rifle
Energy Weapon: Exotic Skyburner's Oath scout rifle
Power Weapon: Curtain Call rocket launcher

To be fair, he was quite familiar with how the Strike Mission works. But still, this was no easy task and I'm expecting more feats like these in the future, especially the upcoming raid called Leviathan releasing this week, which will be considered the hardest content in Destiny 2.