Revisit Super Mario 64 But This Time With Friends

Have you ever experienced wanting something so bad the moment you see it? That's what we felt when we heard Mario 64 Online is actually a thing and is free right now to download and play. 

Modder Kaze Emanuar has been working on Super Mario 64 hacks for years, and his latest release gives the Mario classic the multiplayer treatment. In Super Mario 64 Online, up to 24 players can roam and play Super Mario 64 all at the same time. Other characters where included such as Princess Rosalina, Toad, Wario, and a lot more. Each character available also has unique abilities for players to use while going through the game's stages.Super Mario 64 Online was built off a Super Mario 64 ROM and there are servers available for those curious on revisiting Super Mario 64 in a different light. 

Super Mario 64 Online is available for download here and it looks like those playing are enjoying themselves. The trailer alone suggests a space to goof around, race with friends on specific stages for the best time.

Kaze Emanuar is also known for releasing a different Super Mario 64 hack last year called Super Mario 64 - Last Impact, which included new stages and abilities. Sadly, Last Impact was hit with a DMCA takedown notice from Nintendo.  

With that in mind, It would be best to download and try it out sooner than later since this is a potential target for copyright strikes, and Nintendo is known for being vigilant in throwing down the copyright hammer.