Two Point Hospital Has A Release Date, Checking In Next Month

Two Point Hospital, the wacky hospital simulator and spiritual successor to Theme Hospital, just got a release date. You can start managing your own hospital and cure unusual diseases on August 30, 2018 on the PC. 

The new trailer above features Trevor and his fight against 'Cubism'. Spoiler: he gets better from being dumped into a machine as if he's part of a factory line. And Cubism' isn't the only weird disease you'll come across in Two Point Hospital. Developer Two Point Studios has previously shown 'Light Headedness', which pretty much describes a patient with a light bulb for a head.

There's also a disease where you are a mummy, apparently, which consulting editor Matthew Arcilla has taken to calling "Egypto Sarcophagis" over and over again in the vain hope that someone, anyone here at Too Much Gaming will laugh. And no one rightfully has. That being said, the humor and unrealistic nature of Two Point Hospital is part of its charm and appeal.

Development of Two Point Hospital is being led by the veteran developers that gave us Theme Hospital. Released in 1997 under Bullfrog Productions, Theme Hospital revolved around hospital management. Like it, Two Point Hospital will have you thinking about how to properly design your hospital efficiently, train and manage your staff, and discover new diseases. 

Pre-orders are now available for Two Point Hospital and early adopters receive a 10% discount on Steam and from SEGA's approved digital retailers which you can check out here. 

Two Point Hospital has a Hospital Pass for those that want the latest news bits about the game until its release, and signing up earns you the in-game item - the Golden Toilet.