Have A Look At Some Two Point Hospital Gameplay

Two Point Hospital was announced back in January and is considered as the spiritual successor to Theme Hospital, the wacky simulator that lets players manage a hospital, curing unusual diseases like The Elvis SyndromeA new trailer showed up showing off the simulator game in action together with some developer commentary. After watching the trailer, I didn't think I missed a wacky game like this. 


From the looks of it, everything is intact in terms of how the game plays out; patients show up with a sickness, goes to a doctor for a diagnosis, do some scans for further confirmation and get cured. If you somehow do not know how to cure said disease, you'll need to start research on a cure for patients with the same sickness becomes a problem. 

The interesting change when building your hospital is that you can actually set a blueprint of the room you are trying to build on the space and start including the items required in that room. Once you are done, everything gets placed simultaneously, while pushing patients or other wandering personnel in that space. You can also make unusual shapes for your rooms.

It's also good to see the humor in the game's animation. Stuff like dancing doctors after a scan and unusual symptoms are what made games like Theme Hospital so memorable to this day.  

They are also giving the receptionist more things to do besides standing on the desk literally doing nothing. 

Two Point Hospital is being developed by Two Point Studios together with the creators of Theme Hospital on board. No release date is given but they are planning for a PC release later this year. For more updates, you can head over to Two Point Hospital's official website and register for the Hospital Pass, which gives you early access to behind the scenes videos on the development of the game as well as an in-game item on launch.