The Division 2 might get raid matchmaking soon

The Division 2 raid matchmaking.

It looks like Massive Entertainment is finally giving Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 players what they want - Raid matchmaking.

In the Division 2 latest PTS build — a public test server for the game that tests upcoming patches — players get to test out the new changes coming in title update 5 as well as the new content coming with Episode 1, the first of three major free post-content for Ubisoft’s looter shooter this year.

One of the features found in this PTS is that matchmaking for the Dark Hours raid is now enabled. You no longer have to manually gather 8-players with the proper gear score and jump into the first raid of the franchise.

Also, Massive is planning to include a ‘story’ difficulty mode which serves as an easier version of the raid to ensure more of the game’s community experience the raid content.

Dark Hours raid has exclusive gear like exotic weapons and gear sets so It’s not confirmed if whether or not you’ll receive different gear once you clear the raid in the new story difficulty, but it’s best to assume that will be the case.

The Division 2 had an amazing launch back in March and since then Massive have been updating the game to keep the loot grind wheel going. The Division 2’s post-content planned for this year will be free for all players and the first major content drop — Episode 1 called D.C. Outskirts: Expeditions — will be out this Summer.

The first raid of the game, called Dark Hours, launched last May with no form of matchmaking, making it the only content in the game without the feature. This results in only a handful of players in the community to experience the raid content.

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