Operation Wind Bastion Detailed by Ubisoft

Operators in Operation Wind Bastion - Kaid and Nomad.

Operators in Operation Wind Bastion - Kaid and Nomad.

Ubisoft has spilled the beans on final season of Rainbow Six: Siege’s year three of content - Operation Wind Bastion.

In Wind Bastion, aside from the free map called Fortress, players gain two new operators; the Attacker Nomad, and the Defender Kaid.

The Operators

The Attacker Nomad brings with her the airjab launcher and proximity triggered air blast grenade, which pushes Defenders and putting them in a state where they have to recover from the blast, leaving them vulnerable for a few seconds. With her breaching the objective, defenders will have to think twice before hunkering down at a secured spot. Her push effect affects multiple Defenders and can affected Defender can go through breakable walls, which can lead to hilarious situations. The blast from her gadget does no damage.

The Defender Kaid is equipped with the gadget called the Rtila Electro Claw, a throwable gadget that can attach to all surfaces in the map. Once attached to a surface, the Electro Claw electrifies all metallic objects in its proximity: reinforced walls, barbed wire, deployable shields, even reinforced hatches below or above. Kaid is similar to what Bandit provides in the game but with more options to reinforce your defense. Kaid has three Rtila Electro Claws and has a slow build up time before the gadget electrifies other objects.

The new map coming for free is called Fortress. In Ubisoft’s words, Fortress is a “mudbrick Kasbah inspired by the iconic architecture from the southern region of Morocco. It is a military training facility that features a good rotation between floors, an accessible roof and many dangerous lines of sight and flanking routes.”.

No release date was given for the last season of Year Three, but you can try out Operation Wind Bastion on Rainbow Six’s test servers starting this week.