Project Judge Is The New IP From The Creators of Yakuza

As mentioned by SEGA, the Yakuza creators has revealed their new IP and it’s currently going by the name of Project Judge, and you play as a lawyer/detective investigating a series of murders. The teaser trailer is pretty lengthy, focusing on the drama. Check a look above. 

Project Judge is a working title (it’s called Judge Eyes in Japan) and i'm getting a L.A. Noire vibe, mixed in with the style and look of Yakuza. Maybe some crazy brawling combat to mix things up? 

You won't have to wait long for the game, though. Project Judge is slated for release in Japan on December 13 for the PS4. If you're not so rusty with your Japanese, a free demo is available right now in Japan's PSN store. Localization is happening for Project Judge, and a Western launch will happen some time in 2019.  

I would like to call this the first wave of announcements coming from Japan, since Tokyo Game Show begins next week, September 20. You never know, we might get more details and footage of the game in action next week. Stay tuned.