Moonlighter Launches On The Switch In November

The shopkeeper by day, dungeon crawler by night RPG Moonlighter is heading to the Nintendo Switch.

The Switch is arguably the best platform for a game in which you kill monsters and horde treasure by night and sell them at your shop by day. Rinse and repeat, it’s surprisingly fun! And the ability to take the game on the go and put it away in your bag will make the addictive grind absolutely unstoppable.

Also, developer Digital Sun has plenty of post-release plans for updates to the game, so you’ll probably get your hands on the best version of the game when it launches on the Switch this November.

For a clear picture of what this game has to offer, you can read my full review of Moonlighter. No exact date was given for when it heads on over to the Switch, but it’s a pleasant bit of news for Switch fans, nonetheless.