Bioware Aims To Reinvent Storytelling In Multiplayer Games With Anthem

The latest trailer to Bioware's Anthem, which premiered at PAX 2018, is packed with new gameplay footage; featuring new locations and combat with large beasts. But the real focus is the story that you'll experience in the game. 

"The unique combination of a dynamic, ever-changing world, and a powerful personal story."  says the narrator, as we see more of Fort Tarsis, the home base for players in Anthem. This is also the space where you learn more about the characters in the game from a first-person perspective.

Based on their previous games like Mass Effect and Dragon Age, Bioware can provide rich storytelling, but a multiplayer-heavy game is a completely different beast. Your decisions as a player will affect the narrative, but aside from that, they didn't go into more details on how they'll present the game's narrative. It would be a feat to pull off since games similar to Anthem (Destiny, The Division)currently lack in that department. 

We'll get to explore the world of Anthem next year, February 22, 2019.