Battlefield V Is No Longer A Secret, Big Reveal Happening This Week

BFV Reveal Image.jpg

Battlefield V has been officially confirmed by EA and DICE. A big revealed has been slated for May 23, 2018.  That's this Wednesday.

The reveal will be live through YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, and will be hosted by comedian and host of The Daily Show, Trevor Noah. The only details given so far are in the teaser image above, with more information on how to watch the live reveal on the official website for Battlefield

Rumors are circulating that Battlefield V will be set in WWII. The last time the franchise used this setting was back in 2009's Battlefield 1943. With the success of 2016's Battlefield 1, which turned the series' focus to World War 1,  it only makes sense to continue from there and see the next Battlefield game progress to the second World War, one of the most brutal conflicts in human history. 

Stay tuned for when we break down what gets revealed at the event.