Ghost Recon Wildlands Gives A Shoutout To Metal Gear Solid Via Sam Fisher

Splinter Cell X Wildlands Thumb.jpg

Sam Fisher Hears About Solid Snake's Retirement

Ghost Recon Wildlands was just updated with a free Splinter Cell mission including the protagonist Sam Fisher, complete with Michael Ironside as the voice. When you play the mission, you'll come to a cutscene where Sam mentions an "infiltration guy who wore a bandanna”.

It was a nice and unexpected nod to Solid Snake. But this isn't the first time Sam has referenced Snake. Metal Gear Solid also briefly referenced stealth games back in 2005 as well, mentioning Sam Fisher and even Siphon Filter's Gabriel Logan. There's a video by Doctor Gamma showing the references below. 

With Sam Fisher briefly coming out of the shadows for one mission, many are thinking if this is Ubisoft's start of publicly teasing a new Splinter Cell game. There was a hint recently, a sudden listing on Amazon Canada for a 2018 Splinter Cell game but was taken down. The last game, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, was released back in 2013, which is a long time ago since the current generation of consoles was just starting to come out.