Warcraft III May Not Be Remastered, But It Just Got Widescreen Support


Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and its expansion Frozen Throne might be eminently replayable classics, but getting those games to display properly on modern widescreens can be quite the chore. I would know, cause I had to tinker around with user-created patches to do so last year when I felt like replaying the Orc campaign.

Well, thanks to the latest patch, PC tinkerers like me won't have to deal with that anymore. A major balance patch was introduced today that changes unit stats from every army and even various neutral heroes, while widescreen support has gone live on the PTR. That's totally something, as Warcraft III is so old, we didn't even know CRT was about to get obsolete when it was released,

Another addition made sixteen years after the fact? 24-player lobbies in anticipation of a tournament happening next month! Sign me up! With most of the Korean population playing Starcraft II and Starcraft Remastered, it's possible my decaying thirty-something year old reflexes have a chance!

In other news, Frostmourne still hungers.