There's A God of War Game That Stars Atreus Hidden In Facebook Messenger


If the time between now and April is too long a wait for you for the next God of War, then Sony and Facebook have you set with a new text adventure set in the world of God of War.

God of War: Call From The Wilds is a game that can be found in the games section of Facebook's Messenger app. It casts players in the role of Kratos' son, Atreus, who is a major part of the upcoming PS4 exclusive. While in that game he serves to assist Kratos in combat, in Call From The Wilds his own growth and experiences take center stage.  

When you first fire up the game, you'll be informed that completion of the choose-your-own-path adventure without dying will net you access to eight pieces of collectible God of War artwork. Environments are filled with lush detail and interactive elements that must be used to progress. 

For most people weaned on the high fidelity audiovisual experiences of today's games, A Call From The Wild can be strange, but experienced players of adventure games, visual novels and text adventures will probably be right at home.

This isn't the first time major video game companies have used the Messenger app to promote extra content for a game. In 2016, Blizzard used a chatbot in Messenger to promote the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan expansion of Hearthstone.