Next Steam Sale Could Be The Lunar New Year Sale


For those looking to pick up a new game for the long weekend, wait just a little bit longer because we might see a Lunar New Year Steam sale soon, like, tomorrow even. 

Based on SteamDB, who seems to be accurate at releasing these kinds of details ahead of time, suggested that Steam will hold a Lunar New Year Sale from February 15 - 19.

Based on SteamDB, the details were found in Steam's Steam Direct, the replacement of Steam's Greenlight program which now needs paperwork and a fixed payment instead of community input to determine if a game will be published on Steam.

This comes as no surprise that people can pinpoint the dates of when Steam launches a sale. It's been happening for years and most of the time it comes out accurate, giving folks a heads up to take advantage of the reduced prices. 

Based on the previous sale, which was the Winter Sale, the sale could start around around 10am PT, 6pm GMT. So again, if you are planning to pick up a game, give it a day or two before buying. The last thing you want is seeing your newly purchased game reduced by more than 50%.