How To Play As Ryu In Monster Hunter: World

A new batch of limited bounties have appeared yet again for Monster Hunter: World players, but this week you get something a little extra if you've played Street Fighter V.

A crossover quest is live today and you get to play as the wandering warrior Ryu from Street Fighter. If you play enough of the quest, you might be able to play as Ryu for the rest of the game. 

The quest to play as Ryu can be found at the Gathering Hub. Head there and talk to the Arena Counter, pick Challenges and you'll see a quest called "Down the Dark, Muddy Path" which tasks you to take down a large Barroth in the Arena, equipped with items and weapons provided for you. Take note that you need to be Hunter Rank 3 or higher to do the challenge, but I'm sure most of us are already past that point. 

Currently, the Street Fighter crossover quest is only available to players with Street Fighter V save files in their PS4 system. Capcom did state that the ability to play Ryu will be available to everyone  "at a later date".


Crafting Ryu

To play Ryu outside the Challenge quest you'll need to gather a few items so that the Smithy can craft you the full Ryu armor set. Here's what you'll need:

  • SFV Ticket x7 
  • Monster Bone M x6
  • Earth Crystal x6
  • Barroth Shell x5

SFV Tickets can be picked up by completing the crossover quest. Just do it again if you need more. So start grinding for those tickets and confuse other players as to why you look the way you do.