Where The Water Tastes Like Wine Features Sting. Yes, That Sting.


I'm really looking forward to Where the Water Tastes Like Wine, a narrative-focused road adventure inspired by games like Kentucky Route Zero and Sunless Sea. Today, it was revealed that the mysterious narrator from last August's story trailer is actually Sting.

Yes, that Sting. The monomymous former frontman of the Police and also tantric sex professional plays the role of the Wolf. "Where the Water Tastes Like Wine is a unique storytelling experience," he said of the game. "I'm happy to be a part of this visionary collaboration." 

In the game, you play an anonymous backpacker traveling across the U.S. during the Great Depression. You'll encounter 16 different characters, each with their own story to tell, written by different authors like RockPaperShotgun's own Cara Ellison, former Offworld boss lady Leigh Alexander and Duncan Fyfe of Campo Santo's Quarterly Review.

Of this unusual collaboration, the Dim Bulb Games had this to say: “Rather than relying on a single central narrative, each story contributes a piece to the game’s theme [...] Every character has a unique background, personality, and tale to share with the player that pulls from their writer’s own individual style.”

Other cast members include veterans like Dave Fennoy, who played Lee Everett on Telltale's The Walking Dead; Cissy Jones, who voiced Delilah in Firewatch, and Kimberly Brooks, who voiced Ashley Williams in the Mass Effect trilogy.

The official line is that Where the Water Tastes Like Wine will be out "early 2018," which is vague, but the above voice trailer suggests that recording should at least be done and that the game might be out very soon. For now, you can find out more about the game via its website, which includes the full list of collaborating actors and authors, and on Steam.