Planet Coaster Fan Creates Terrifying, Breathtaking Aliens-Themed Coaster


One of the best things about Planet Coaster, the amusement park-themed business simulator from UK-based Frontier Developments, isn't just the astonishing versatility of its coaster creation toolkit, but the intersection between its players and pop culture fandom.

Nowhere else is this as greatly exemplified by YouTuber Hin Ya, who recently created an astonishing, 15-minute-long thrill ride inspired by Aliens, James Cameron's action horror sequel to Ridley Scott's 1979 Alien

Using a combination of dialogue, music and sound effects from the film, video samples from various Alien media and even installing props like Xenomorphs and eggs, Hin Ya has created a phenomenal experience.

It begins with a soaring launch into the cold darkness of space and a descent into the surface of LV-426, where the beleaguered colony of Hadley's Hope resides. It's not too long before the coaster enters the facilities and riders witness the horror of the alien menace before a race to freedom begins. 

It's a combination of masterful track design, well-timed lighting effects and sound work, and some genius pacing that makes this really special. And if you've ever tried to wrangle anything like I have with Planet Coaster's powerful but tricky tools, you'll be even more impressed.

Planet Coaster's flexible design tools have inspired other impressive creations, of course, and you'll bet if I see anything else as impressive as this I'll mention it too. Planet Coaster was released on PC on November 2016, and a jungle-themed Adventure Pack DLC was released last December.