Next Up Hero Preview - Find Success From Those That Failed


Announced back in July of 2017, Next Up Hero is leaving its Closed Beta phase and I was fortunate enough to try it out before servers went down. It's an action game that lets you take advantage of fallen comrades. It's the first official game from Digital Continue, and the game is being lead by Joe Tringali, a founder of 5th Cell, a studio that brought us the cute title called Scribblenauts.

It's a tough game, but it makes sense because of Next Up Hero's concept. You go through a dungeon and once you die other players running the same dungeon can revive your echo (corpse) to have an AI companion aiding him in battle. There are more uses to echoes and there's a lot of challenge since there's a lack of healing as you play the game. 

Have a look at the gameplay and hear my thoughts on the video above. Next Up Hero is leaving Closed Beta and is entering Steam's Early Access program on January 11. Those that have access to the Closed Beta will be given a 50% discount  for the game during its time on Early Access. 

Next Up Hero is also planned for release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch.