Call of Duty : WWII's Second Community Event Kicks Off This Week


To celebrate the release of Call of Duty: WWII's first DLC Map Pack called 'The Resistance', a community event will take place starting January 23 and will run for five weeks. 

It's similar to the first community event that took place during the Holidays. There will be event-theme loot crates with new cosmetic items such as event-themed uniforms. New game modes will be featured such as the return of Demolition and a mode called Prop Hunt, which tasks a one team to hid themselves as everyday items found in the map while the other team is tasked to hunt for them. It's a fun game mode to those looking at taking a break from the usual game modes available. 2X playlists will also be featured during the event. 

A new batch of weapons will be introduced and players have a limited time to complete the Special Orders (challenges) to unlock them.  The weapons coming to the game are the Orso SMG and the Volkssturmgewehr Assault Rifle. Once the event ends you will no longer be able to unlock these weapons, so get ready to grind because we have until February 27.

This event is a bigger deal compared to the first once since it will debut a new Division called The Resistance. This class features a tactical knife skill making you deadly at close quarters, the new 9mm SAP pistol, the ability to scramble nearby enemy mini-maps, and more. It will be free for all players, which was mentioned twice in the trailer below. 

For those planning to take full advantage of the event, here's the full schedule below.

The Resistance Map Pack will be out on January 30 on the PlayStation 4. The DLC will then hit Xbox One and PC a month later. It will contain three new maps for competitive multiplayer: Anthropoid (Prague, Czechoslvakia), Occupation (Resistance remake, German-occupied Paris), and Valkyrie (Masurian Woods, East Prussia). Zombies mode will get one new map called Darkest Shore which continues the story of the co-op survival mode.