Ubisoft Continues To Update Tom Clancy's The Division With New Features

If you stopped playing Tom Clancy's The Division last year you will be surprised at how much the game has changed since then. The 1.7 update hits on August 15 on all platforms and it includes a hefty amount of changes and features to keep the end game loot grind a tad bit more addicting. Have a look at what's coming in the video above.

The release of 1.7 is the start of Ubisoft's Year Two plan for The Division. All content coming out for 2017 will be free, even the two planned expansions coming out later in the year. Free is good and updates like these changes things up for those still spending hours getting the best gear possible. The thing is, the upcoming content feels like they are pushing people to keep playing, not moving forward in terms of narrative and character progression. 

After a year since release, having a series of content for 2017 seemed unlikely in my eyes but here we are, no season 2 pass in sight with new updates free for the community. For some, that could mark as a good sign, but there will be no new story content coming to The Division, which I find troubling. In a report by Polygon months back, they have a few words with the developers. “One thing’s for sure, though, is that a large, paid DLC expansion of the playable area into Queens, a level cap increase — that’s off the table.” said Julian Gerighty, creative director for The Division. 

The changes above sound great, but it doesn't bring much confidence of what The Division will be at the end of 2017. Saying there will be no new areas to explore or big story missions to move the world forward makes us wonder what Ubisoft is planning for The Division community. The Division, despite its negative feedback on release, was able to find its second wind with the changes in its end game content. Tom Clancy's The Division was released on March 8, 2016 on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.