TMG Podcast Episode 172 - Schrödinger's SNES Mini

172 CoverV02.jpg

Gamescom was this week and a lot of reveals happened. But we didn't just talk about the announcements, we tackle the Uncharted series since Uncharted The Lost Legacy is now out in the wild, the many contents for Final Fantasy XV, and Nintendo always in a position of never meeting the demand of their products. We then go off the rails hard this week and talk about the distribution of games in the Philippines and why we are given a different region of certain games. That and a lot more for this week! 


- Subsurface Circular
- Fictorum
- Uncharted: The Lost Legacy
- Nintendo SNES Mini shortage
- Local distribution in the Philippines
- A few Gamescom 2017 announcements
- Final Fantasy XV Universe

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