The Seven Deadly Sins: Knights of Britannia Announced By Namco Bandai

Seven Deadly Sins_LOGO_EN.jpg

Namco Bandai has just announced The Seven Deadly Sins: Knights of Britannia for the PlayStation 4. 

It's based on the manga and anime series The Seven Deadly Sins and The Seven Deadly Sins: Knights of Britannia is considered the first console adaptation. It will have both a digital and boxed release in Southeast Asia with English localization.

The publisher gave us a brief summary of what the series is all about:

"The Seven Deadly Sins is a legendary gang of rebels who have been blamed for overthrowing the Kingdom of Lionesse and are hunted by elite guards called Holy Knights. When a young girl appears, with an earnest wish in her head and a determination to find The Seven Deadly Sins, the world gets turned on its head and an extraordinary adventure begins!"

The trailer doesn't give much in terms of gameplay or how limited it is in terms of exploring the world of Britannia. The anime is known for fast-paced action so hopefully, more footage in the future will shed more light if they were able to emulate that in the game. 

Be sure to check out the first trailer above. We also have screenshots of the game below giving some idea to the game's map and character dialogues. 

Seven Deadly Sins: Knights of Britannia has an early 2018 release exclusive to the PlayStation 4.