Ragnarok Online Philippines Open Beta Live Right Now

Just like that Ragnarok Online Philippines is back online and is now in its Open Beta stage. It's free to the public now and you can simply register and login to get hit hard with this nostalgia trip. 

At just 1.54GB in size,  Ragnarok Online returns to the Philippines after its shutdown two years ago. For most of us in the Philippines, Ragnarok Online was our introduction to the MMORPG genre. We check the game out for the first hour and it's a crazy trip to memory lane. The grinding for loot and experience feels oddly familiar and is apparent the moment you encounter your first pooring, the starting enemies you will face in the game.

This new release of Ragnarok Online starts from the beginning, with experience and money gains set to basic values (100%). Features back from when the game started seems to be the only one available as well. From a press release given by Gravity and Electronics Extreme, this new version of Ragnarok Online will get the job 2-2 update six months after the Open Beta launch. The 2-2 jobs are the Crusader, Bard/Dancer, Sage, Monk, and Alchemist. The high class (1-2) character jobs are planned to go live after one to two years.

Ragnarok Online Philippines is Free-To-Play with microtransactions already in place for those willing to invest in the game.

Visit Ragnarok Online Philippine's official website for more information.