The 10-Hour Mass Effect Andromeda Trial Is Now Available To Everyone

Bioware and EA has just announced that the free trial of Mass Effect Andromeda, which was available to Origin Access subscribers, is now available to all players on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. This gives you 10 hours to play either the single player campaign or the multiplayer. 

Problem is, the first 10 hours of the campaign is what started the negative backlash even before it was released, and with good reason. Mass Effect Andromeda has a rocky and draggy start. The game takes a good turn midway through the campaign, but you'll have to soldier on to really experience it's hidden gems because the first 10 hours of the campaign is the game's weakest point. 

But, this is all before they released a series of patches to fix the issues that plagued players when it was released. The game has received a hefty amount of patches since then, fixing bugs, the quirky animations, as well as some balancing for the combat. So, you never know, it might not be as bad this time around. 

It's free, so it won't hurt to give it a go yourself. If you do give the trial a shot and find yourself hooked, it isn't at full price anymore despite it being a fairly new game. A standard edition of Mass Effect Andromeda is currently at $34.95 in Origins without any discounts. 

The early price drops, no more story DLC, and the announcement of releasing a 10-hour trial of the full game really shows that they are struggling with the latest Mass Effect title. It's a decent game, but everybody can agree that as the successor to the beloved Mass Effect trilogy, Mass Effect Andromeda was a disappointing release, and is probably the biggest miss of 2017.