E3 2017: EA Press Conference Highlights

Here are the biggest highlights from EA's press conference at E3 2017.


EA introduced Long Shot, a story mode for Madden 18, similar to FIFA's story mode introduced last year. 

NBA Live 18 hits the stage and introduced The One, a career mode that will allow you to hit the streets or go through the league. 

FIFA 18 brings back the story of Alex Hunter and it looks like story campaign continues his story. Heavy marketing support because the trailer made it look like Alex Hunter is a real player. 

Need for Speed Payback

Need for Speed Payback hits the stage and shows gameplay footage of the game. With the stage shown in the video, it gave us a Fast and the Furious vibe which will probably work well with the Need for Speed franchise. They even showed some character switching. The big question is if there's any sense of manual switching between the three characters playable in Payback. Will it be similar to what GTA V had with the three main protagonists? Probably not.

Battlefield 1 Expansion

They continue to support Battlefield with the announcement of the expansion of Battlefield 1. It's called In the Name of the Tsar and it will be out in September. 

EA Originals - A Way Out Announced 

Hazelight Studios, makers of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, revealed their new game called A Way Out. You play as Vincent and Leo and the main concept of this game is that you can only play it in co-op. Be it either in couch co-op or online, you will go through this game with a friend, and the activities that require you to work with your partner got use excited for this one.

Bioware's New IP Announced

Bioware just announced their new IP and it's called Anthem. A teaser was shown but it didn't give enough to have an idea about the game. What was mentioned though was they are using the Frostbite engine and it is being supported by Xbox's Project Scorpio. More details (hopefully more footage) will be shown at Microsoft's press conference later today. 

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Multiplayer Gameplay Reveal

EA ends the show with their biggest one - Star Wars: Battlefront 2's multiplayer. They showed a real 20v20 match on the Assault on Theed map with some commentary. But before that, they confirmed a couple of things for the game. For one, the story campaign is set right after Return of the Jedi and before The Force Awakens. It's a canon story never been told. 

They also announced that all post content for Star Wars: Battlefront 2 will be free, following what EA and Respawn Entertainment did with Titanfall 2's post content. 

They also announced that Fynn and Captain Phasma from the seventh Star Wars film will be included as playable heroes after the release of the game. 

Want to watch the whole press conference from the beginning? Head over to EA's twitch channel to see how whole presentation.