TMG Podcast Episode 166 - Magikarpediem

We are back! We tackle a lot this week and with E3 2017 just around the corner we are set to take in all the big announcements planned for June. 


  • Paladins & other Free-To-Play games
  • Gwent
  • Magikarp Jump
  • Manila Masters 2017
  • Injustice 2
  • Consequences of narrowing a skill gap in relationship to fighting games

Matthew joins us again this week and you can find him at New Game Plus. 

For those wondering about those Paladins codes? Here are a couple of codes if you are quick at the draw.

These codes are skin colors for characters Bravado Shao Lin, Conjuration Evie, Lawbringer Lex, Monarch Bomb King, Sporket Rukus. These can be redeemed on both PS4 and PC versions of Paladins:

Bravado Shao Lin

  • APSB161D00A570420
  • APSB161D017170420
  • APSB161D635C70420

Conjuration Evie

  • APEC161611A270420
  • APEC1616179270420
  • APEC16163A3E70420

Lawbringer Lex

  • APLL14D5AEE470420
  • APLL14D5ECFF70420
  • APLL14D6521370420

Monarch Bomb King

  • APBK1628389A70420
  • APBK16283BD670420
  • APBK1628719370420

Sporket Ruckus

  • APR1743583E670420
  • APR17436069170420
  • APR174389A6470420