Square Enix's Latest Trailer For Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age Focuses On The Gambit System

A new trailer for Final Fantasy 12 : The Zodiac Age was released by Square Enix and it focuses on the game's Gambit system while reminding us how the community goes crazy for the character Balthier. 

The Gambit system may look complex went you first take a glance at it but it's really designed to customize your AI companions' reactions to certain situations, as well as grow your character in specific jobs. Since you don't have direct control of all your characters, the Gambit system lets you dictate your character's priorities in combat. 

For those that played the original, the license board system that was used to grow your characters have been replaced with a job system to make each character come out unique in this version of Final Fantasy 12. The problem with the original system is that all characters shared the same board, which will make all characters slowly become similar to each other as you get closer to the max level. The new system is called International Zodiac Job System, the traditional job system returns making each character focusing on specific roles for the group. 

This version of the game was also adjusted in terms of difficulty as well since it was considered one of the toughest titles in the franchise and players are known to get lost. When I played it the first time, I did get lost multiple times, so it's good to know it was a known issue within the community. 

If you were unable to play this PlayStation 2 classic, you are missing out. Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age will be available on July 11 for the PlayStation 4.