Overwatch's D.Va Sounds Great In Heroes of the Storm

Overwatch's D.Va is the next hero to enter the Nexus in Heroes of the Storm.

Heroes of the Storm adds yet another Overwatch character into the game. The last hero added into Blizzard's MOBA was Overwatch's robotic ninja Genji. A cinematic trailer for Genji was released, already hinting the next hero would be D.Va. Blizzard gives us the details of her abilities and they translated her quite well into the MOBA field.

Her role, just like in Overwatch, is to soak up damage and initiate a team fight. She has two modes - Mech mode and Pilot mode. Pilot mode triggers when D.Va loses her mech, she becomes more vulnerable in this state but can dish out more damage. Damage during Pilot mode reduces the cooldown on her ability to call out another mech, so you'll need to have a balance between the two modes. While on mech mode, she can self-destruct her mech. To put it simply, how she is in Overwatch is mostly how she is in Heroes of the Storm. Bravo to Blizzard for how they are translating characters into other games.

D.Va is currently available in Heroes of the Storm's PTR servers, a separate server that allows players to  test out incoming chances and content in Blizzard games.