For Honor Season 2 Goes Live Next Week

Season 2 of For Honor goes live next week and it adds two new classes, two maps, a few gameplay changes, and new customization items. 

The Shinobi class will be joining the ranks of the Samurai faction. The weapons of choice for the Shinobi is the Kusarigama (a short sickle on a chain) and based on the gameplay footage, he can close the gap pretty easily and avoid danger with a few tricks we know ninjas are known for. 

The second class joining For Honor is the Centurion. Simply think Gladiator, because that's pretty much the class in a nutshell. Equipped with a Gladius, the Centurion looks to be all about brute force. In your face combat to overwhelm his opponents with sword parries and pure strength.  

The maps and gameplay updates planned for release on May 16 will be free to all players. Those with the Season Pass for For Honor will get the Shinobi and Centurion, but you can purchase them using the game's in-game currency called Steel starting on May 23.