This Official Nintendo Switch Unboxing Video Gives Us A Heads Up On What's Inside

It's just weeks away until we have a new Nintendo console out in the wild.

The unboxing video, which is can be viewed below, gives us a heads up on what's inside the Nintendo Switch box. The package includes: a power adapter, an HDMI cable, the Switch's dock, the Joy-Con Grip (the device which forms the Joy-Cons into a standard gamepad configuration), two Joy-Con wrist straps, the left and right Joy-Cons themselves, and the Nintendo Switch console itself. 

Neatly packaged and seeing the unboxing is a reminder on how small this console will be compared to other platforms. The Nintendo Switch will be out worldwide on March 3. 

We are skeptical with Nintendo's new console, especially with the confirmed games lineup for this year. 

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