Stardust Vanguards - 2D Zone of the Enders

Some of our friends from the gaming media dropped by for a livestream of Stardust Vanguards. Joined by Juabe from BREGZ, Emile and Ares from the podcast Emile in the Morning at Night, and Migs from the Nubs in Cubes. It becomes an all space war and a bit of intergalactic soccer on the TooMuchGaming twitch stream.

A simple control scheme with fast paced robot space combat, Stardust Vanguards is a great couch co-op or local versus game. Think of it as a 2D version of Zone of the Enders. The game has a few modes such as death match, team death match, a co-op player vs space pirates mode, and even a soccer mode where you hit a ball into your colored goal. Stardust Vanguards is available on Steam for only P135.95